Health and Safety – Covid 19 - Mystery Hotel Budapest
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Health and Safety – Covid 19

Dear Valued Guests,

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, we pay special attention to the cleanliness of our hotel, and we follow the recommendations of the WHO and the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association:


In the public areas of the hotel, such as the lobby, restaurant, corridors, elevators, the employees and guests are obliged to wear masks.


Safety measures upon arrival and at the front desk: 


We installed an alcoholic disinfection point next to the main entrance, please disinfect your hands. Your temperature will be measured by the staff with an infrared thermometer.


Public areas and elevators:


Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
Community areas, elevator buttons, door handles are disinfected several times a day
Please allow no more than 2 people in the elevator, except for those living in a household.


Safety measure in guest rooms:


For your safety and comfort, the daily cleaning of the rooms is only possible on request, and the turn down service can only be provided in advance.


Safety measures in The Great Hall Restaurant:


We installed an alcoholic disinfection point next to the entrance of the restaurant, please disinfect your hands.
In our restaurant, remove the mask only during eating and drinking. Wearing a mask is obligatory when entering and leaving the restaurant or leaving the table for any purpose. The restaurant can be only used by in-house guest based on the 484/2020. (XI. 10.) government decree.


The opening hours in the restaurant has changed:
Instead of buffet breakfast, the Á la carte breakfast is available between 07:30 and 10:30 at The Great Hall Restaurant
A la carte dinner is from 17:00 to 22:00 at The Great Hall Restaurant
Room Service only available during the restaurant’s opening hours


Safety measures in The Secret Garden Day Spa:


The Secret Garden Day Spa (including the gym, the hot tub, the steam room and the sauna) is closed for both in-house guests and external guests due to the 484/2020 Government decree.


The list of the safety measures was created based on the current government decrees and updated on February 2021.